Why you need to start, look and operate like a MLM Franchise

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Does your company look like and operate like a MLM Franchise?

Technology and the internet have made it easy to start your own network marketing company today.

The simple fact is that inexpensive web based MLM software was not readily available a decade ago like it is today.

Years ago you needed large call centers and customer support agents, but today most of all distributors join and place their orders online.

Therefore, this has opened the door for a lot of people to start their own company on a shoestring budget in comparison to what it used to cost.

There are also more product manufacturing companies that are willing to provide private label options for small quantity orders.

Because of the influx of new companies, it has been harder to keep your organizations together and focused on building one company. Continue reading

Should we or shouldn’t we take our privately held MLM company public?

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Should your MLM company go public?Should we or shouldn’t we take our privately held MLM company public?

This is the question company owners ask when they want to grow bigger, better and faster.

They recognize the need to expand their operations to reach their goals, but need more resources to implement their plans.  In this way you will gain money to acquire the necessary assets and other factors you need for the execution of the business.

Most founders of companies tend to keep a majority stake for themselves in order to keep control over the major issues of the company, but you will forever be under the microscope and scrutiny of the board and shareholders because your company is now an open book to the public. Continue reading